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Traveling is for me a second nature : sharing on the web
these worldwide travel experiences became a third one few months ago.
So expect the unexpected ! You will find here more than 50 webpages carefully designed, dedicated to surfers passionately fond of imaginative travels.
From Delhi to the holy city of Benares, through the incredible Rajasthan palaces or the majestic Taj Mahal, discover the treasures of North India.

Enjoy the medieval temples of Kathmandu, an hot balloon flight over the himalayas, rafting in white water river, or unforgettable wildlife watching...
The old fort in samode, Rajasthan

The Chitwan national park

Southern seas
King penguins on the subantartcic archipelago of Kerguelen
In the heart of the southern seas, discover the luxurious wild life of the remote Crozet and Kerguelen archipelagoes and enjoy this extreme journey in the howling 40's and screaming 50's.

From Moscow to HK
The long wall
If you read french, or just want to enjoy the pictures, have a look to this 5 weeks asian journey, from the transsiberian express to the descent of the Yang Tse kiang river !
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